How Can You Help?

Would you like to be a part of our mission? Help us by donating from the list below!



A contribution of $10 would train one individual with skills that could help save lives! Would you like to help train a larger group? By donating $500, we will train a whole community!



Don't want to donate a full trauma kit? Why not donate a tourniquet and still give first responders the ability to stop life threatening bleeding. Donate $20 and provide a tourniquet that can save a life!


first aid kit

Knowledge is key to saving lives. Equipment is a tool to increase the chances of survival. Donate $15 to equip an individual with their very own first aid kit! 



Practice is a critical tool the Code 3 Angels team uses to train communities. Without manikins practice would be impossible. Donate a set of manikins for $350 and help the Code 3 Angels team complete their training mission! 


trauma kit

Contributing $30 would equip a first responder with a trauma kit. Trauma kits are more advanced tools whose purpose is to stop hemorrhage and bleeding. 


Automated External Defibrillators - Trainers

The Code 3 Angels team believes in training through visual and physical training. AED's are critical in life saving missions. Donate $415 to help train communities with AED operations.